Hazard reporting procedures

Hazards in the workplace may be reported in a number of ways:

  • a verbal report to a supervisor
  • completing a Hazard Report form
  • raising the issue at a staff meeting.

Acute hazards should always be reported immediately to a supervisor, delegated Workplace Health and Safety officer or representative.

Hazards that are less acute may simply require completion of a Hazard Report form and forwarding it to the appropriate person.

Your organisation will also have specific procedures for emergency situations. These are usually specified in an emergency procedures manual, as well as being covered in your workplace induction.

The Hazard Report form

Hazard report forms are a common way of reporting hazards. The completed forms help ensure that appropriate action is taken and that an appropriate record is kept. It will describe:

  • the nature and location of the hazard
  • who it was reported to
  • what action was taken
  • whether it is fixed.

Your workplace Hazard Report form may be similar to this example:

Sample Hazard Report Form (Word Document 38KB)

Workplace activity

Hazard reporting procedure

Section 2 activities (Word Document 75KB)

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