This course is for employees of new NDIS Service Providers and has been designed to improve provider capability and compliance with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Framework. Over EIGHT interactive modules this course will guide you through:

  • Choice and Control: Providing information on the NDIS and how you can ensure you are delivering services that support Participants
  • Quality and Safeguards in the NDIS: Unpacking the role of quality and safeguards, and how they are in place to protect Participants safety
  • NDIS Quality and Safeguards Framework: Explaining the primary objectives of the framework, and how it is monitored and measured
  • Overview of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Practice Standards
  • Quality and Safeguards Practice Standards Core Modules and how they apply to Providers
  • Quality and Safeguards Practice Standards Supplementary Modules
  • Regulated Quality and Safeguards in place to protect the safety of Participants
  • Purpose of the NDIS Providers First Quality and Safeguards Audit process

The NDIS Quality and Safety Compliance Program is supported by the Queensland Government and developed for WorkAbility by Projects for Purpose.

This training is designed for people that are looking to self-manage their own plan or are currently self-managing and looking to increase their skills and knowledge. The training package aims at empowering and inspiring individuals to confidently manage all/some/part of a plan in a way of their choosing through 10 modules. The course will guide you through:

  1. Introduction to Self-Management – What is self-management and is it right for you?
  2. Understanding your NDIS plan - how to interpret your NDIS plan and how to access your self-managed supports
  3. Reviewing your plan and advocacy – what to do if your circumstances change or your plan doesn’t reflect what you believe is necessary
  4. Setting up the structure you want – unpacking different types of worker engagement, onboarding, pay rates and service agreements
  5. Managing workers – Taking your through difficult conversations and termination of services
  6. Working with Allied Health Professionals – Providing you with an understanding of working with Allied health, their purpose and how to work effectively with them
  7. Managing your records and financial obligations – Determining your responsibilities as self-manager and supports you may access to assist you
  8. Setting up a process that works for you – An overview of managing your finances and NDIA audits
  9. Transitioning to Self-Management – How to transition self-managing your NDIS plan