Energy is an essential service, but as you may already know from working with your clients, the energy market itself can create or exacerbate vulnerabilities and hardship. Bills can be difficult to understand, and the factors contributing to the cost of electricity can be wide-ranging - from inefficient or faulty appliances, or a bad energy deal from a provider.

This course will give you the information you need to help the people you are supporting understand their electricity supply. It was developed by QCOSS, with the support of the Queensland Government Department of Energy and Public Works.

Over five modules, the course examines:

  • Queensland's energy supply chain, including who is involved, what they do, and who people can call if they need to talk to someone about their electricity.
  • The consumer rights and responsibilities of energy consumers, and what you can do if you need to make a complaint.
  • Understanding energy usage unpacks how consumers are charged for energy, how it can be used more efficiently, and how small changes in behaviour can really help people save money.
  • Reading and understanding energy bills really digs in to what is on an electricity bill, providing you with the information needed to support clients to read and understand not only their bills, but their energy usage as well; and
  • Concessions, payment difficulties and hardship details the schemes and supports available to your clients who may be unable to afford their bills. It also looks at how not paying energy bills can impact a person's credit rating.

Time commitment: 30 minutes - 1.5 hours

Suitable for: Introductory level / Refresher level

Self-paced: Come back to this course anytime.