Specialist support procedures

Apply accepted procedures to evaluate the option of bringing in specialist support and continuing to work with the client.

When you work with clients on a long-term basis, there will be many occasions when they face crises that will be outside your realm of expertise.

In these situations it may be appropriate for you to involve a specialist in the client’s life to deal with the specific crisis.

Case study: Specialist support procedures

Read the case study below and then reflect.

You are providing direct care support to a person with disabilities who is living in supported accommodation. This person has suffered the loss of a family member and his grief reaction becomes extremely acute. Your normal support processes appear inadequate and you believe that he needs specialist grief counselling services.

You discuss your perceptions with your supervisor and also with your client. With his approval you arrange for him to see a specialist counsellor but he requests that you participate in the interviews.

Consider this:

It may require only a few visits to assist the client to deal with his issues. In this way you continue to deliver your usual service to your client; however, you have used a specialist service to assist on a short-term basis.

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