Applying organisational procedures for collecting and analysing client information

Many agencies have a standard proforma for information they need to collect when a client presents at their agency for assistance. This information might include:

  • The clients and their situations.
  • Referral agency/professional if applicable.
  • The issue/problem and its meaning for significant people.
  • Historical facts, if these are related to the current issues.
  • Functioning of people (social, psychological, medical, etc.).
  • Age, status, roles, behaviour patterns if relevant.
  • Environment and relevant networks.
  • Finances, resources, strengths.
  • How the problem/situation has been previously handled.
  • Other agencies involved.
  • Release of Information Authority. Your client has the right under the Privacy Act 2002 [Amendment] to have their information remain confidential or have it released only to specific authorities/people.

Of course, the type of issue the client is presenting with will determine how much or how little information you need to seek in the various areas.

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