Other useful resources

The Queensland Accessing Interpreters Working Group (QAIWG)

QAIWG is a coalition of non-government organisations concerned with equitable service provision of people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Queensland.  The working group has provided significant input to the development and review of the Queensland Government Language Services Policy and continues to undertake work to improve the delivery of quality language services in Queensland.

Queensland Council of Social Service

The Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) is the state-wide peak body for individuals and organisations working in the social and community service sector.

QCOSS' key activities focus on providing effective policy advice, working to strengthen responsive community services and having productive partnerships with community sector, government, private sector, academia, media and the broader community. This work is done to build a Queensland with social and economic wellbeing for all.

The policy checklist developed by Queensland Council of Social Service, Human Services Quality Framework will help you check that your early childhood service has a policy that covers this area adequately. According to their policy guide, the policy should:

  • Describe what "interpreting" is
  • say how the need for an interpreter is determined
  • say how clients are informed about their rights to access an interpreter
  • describe the role of staff and client in determining an appropriate interpreter
  • explain the steps taken by staff to engage an interpreter
  • outline best practice in working with an interpreter
  • contain clear procedures and actions for staff to follow
  • say how the need for multilingual materials is determined by the organisation and the areas in service delivery in which they are required/provided
  • show when the policy was approved by the organisation
  • show when the policy was last reviewed

Read the HSQF policy template and policy guidelines and reflect on the policy for engaging and working with interpreters in your service.

The Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF)

 HSQF is the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services' system for assessing and promoting improvement in the quality of human services delivered with departmental investment.  The HSQF was developed in collaboration with the non-government sector to reduce duplication and red tape by consolidating the different quality systems used for the department's services. It incorporates:

  • a set of quality standards, known as the Human Services Quality Standards which cover the core elements of human service delivery
  • an assessment process to review the performance of service providers against the standards (assessment occurs an organisation level across all in-scope services)
  • a continuous improvement framework, which supports the participation of customers in quality improvement.

The HSQF is designed to increase administrative efficiency and enable service providers to focus their resources on service provision and continued quality improvements. Its key aims include increasing consistency in service quality and ensuring public confidence in service delivery. The HSQF with input from Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) and the Queensland Accessing Interpreters Working Group (QAIWG) have developed a guideline and template for engaging and working with interpreters. 

Developing a language services policy in early childhood services

Following documents may also be useful for the early childhood services in developing their policies:


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