How to work with an interpreter?

Things to remember before engaging an interpreter

Make a list of all the things you would need to consider before your session with an interpreter. For example:

1. Agency's selected interpreting service

2. Type of phone (with speakers)

3. Seats in a triangle position to encourage face to face communication

4. Explain that interpreters are bound by code of ethics for confidentiality

5. Introduce everyone and explain the respective roles of all members involved

6. Find out if the client is comfortable with the interpreter

You may need to consider getting some of your information such as the Parent Handbook translated into your most common community languages

For example, if a parent wants to know the list of things they would pack for their child each day  to bring to kindergarten?

Tip: Show parents what you need them to pack by using actual visual props or pictures of objects such as a lunch box, a hat, sunscreen, etc. This will make information more clear for the parent if you are working with an interpreter via the telephone.

Your child needs to come prepared with the following items:

Picture of school bagSchool bag

Child's lunch box with fruitFresh fruit in a lunch box

Drink bottleDrink bottle

Set of clothes for a childSpare clean clothes

Broad brimmed hatBroad brimmed hat

Child's bedsheetBed sheet

Child lying on pillowPillow

picture of a blanketBlanket


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