Transcript of 'digital story of my parents' migration from Vietnam to Australia'

Text: Vietnam War 1959-1975

*image of soldiers and helicopters at war*

Megan Nguyen: The Vietnam War ended in 1975. Life for my family living in Vietnam was still tough after the war had ended.

*family photo*

Text: aunty, uncle and my older cousins

*wedding photo of Megan Nguyen's parents*

Megan Nguyen: My parents, Kit Nguyen and My-ban Nguyen, decided to flee from Vinh Long, in the south of Vietnam, in 1979

*map of Vinh Long in Vietnam*

Megan Nguyen: This is the story about their amazing journey to start a new life and migrate to Australia

*image of Communist flags flying in the sky*

Megan Nguyen: Fleeing the country was an illegal act under the Communist Government, and in my parents' first attempt to escape Vietnam, they were caught by the authorities, and my dad was put in Rach Guang prison for 5 months

*photo of Megan Nguyen's father*

*aerial view of Rach Guang prison*

Megan Nguyen: Two years later, in 1981, my parents tried to escape again.

*photo of the narrator's mother*

Megan Nguyen: In their second attempt, my dad was caught another time and put in jail for another five months

*image of Megan Nguyen's father*

Megan Nguyen: In their third attempt, in 1982, both my mum and dad were sent to Vietnam prison. Here is my dad explaining his experience

Kiet Nguyen: In the jail, they give me corn with salt to eat every day, and twice a week they give me rice, one bowl of rice, and some fish every two weeks. For the toilet, they let me out for the toilet every morning, during the day if I need to go to the toilet I have to use a bucket. 

Megan Nguyen: And how many people in the cell?

Kiet Nguyen: About 30, or 32 people in each cell.

*family photo with happy smiling children*

Text: aunty, uncle and my older cousins

Megan Nguyen: My parents dreamed of a better life for their families and did not want to start their own family in Vietnam, under the turbulent conditions at the time. Before their fourth attempt to escape in 1983, my dad was very scared and apprehensive to try one more time, fearing that he would be back in that prison cell under those horrible and unbearable conditions. My mother was adamant for them to try one more time, knowing that if they were to succeed everything would change, and they could make a massive difference to not only their lives, but also they could help the family they would be leaving behind as well. My father then thought that it was worth trying again.

*family photo*

Text: grandpa, mum, aunty & cousin and grandma

Megan Nguyen: My parents successfully reached their destination, of Pulau Bidong Island in Malaysia in 1983

*Video of someone drawing a person, boat and people inside*

Megan Nguyen: My amazing dad was responsible for navigating and sailing a boat full of 40 people from Vietnam to Malaysia. All he used was a compass and a map.

*map showing the route from Vietnam to Malaysia*

Megan Nguyen: It took them seven days to reach the Pulau Bidong island, where they stayed in a refugee camp, which sheltered thousands of other Vietnamese refugees. 

*Video of someone drawing an island and a boat approaching*

Megan Nguyen: It was here where they were taught a bit of English, and did cleaning jobs around the island

*image of old buildings*

Megan Nguyen: In 1983, after staying at the refugee camp for six months, my parents successfully passed the interview with an Australian migration officer, and were finally accepted into Australia.

*image of migration interview, map showing travel from Malaysia to Australia, image of Australian Citizenship Certificate*

Megan Nguyen: My parents became Australian citizens on the 29th of January in 1987, and on Valentines that year, they had their first child, my older brother Kenny.

*image of baby Kenny*

*image of six certificates hanging on a wall*

Megan Nguyen: They worked very hard to achieve great success in both education and work, and then in 1991, on October 6, I was born.

*image of baby narrator*

Megan Nguyen: My parents represent determination, bravery and an inspiration to both my brother and I

*image of parents at Grand Canyon, driving an off road car, Megan Nguyen with her parents*

Megan Nguyen: We are grateful to Australia, and are proud to be Australian. We are so blessed for what we have today, and where we are today. I wouldn't have the quality of life I do now, if it wasn't for the risks my parents took. 

*images of parents with Australian flag and in fancy dress*

Megan Nguyen: I have always said that my parents are my heros.

Text: Thank you for watching. Photos: person collection. Images: Google images. Map: iMovie, Google images. Guest speaker: Kiet Nguyen (dad). Voiceover: Megan Nguyen. Created by: Megan Nguyen.

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