Transcript of "If you have the skills, Australia has the lifestyle"

Text: Live the life: Australia


Drawing of Australia. 

Cartoon of a man at work leaving with his surfboard to go surfing at the beach. 

Cartoon of a doctor examining a patient's heart then running through a park past a kangaroo

Cartoon of a car mechanic coming out from under a car then roasting sausages on a barbeque

Cartoon of an IT person doing coding then cheering and catching a ball at the cricket

Cartoon of a graphic designer drawing then smiling on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Cartoon of all the different cartoon people together

Text: If you have the skills, Australia has the lifestyle

Text: Live the life, Australia. Fast track your life in Australia as a skilled migrant. #livethelifeAus

Text: Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection, National Communications Branch 2014

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