Transcript of "200+ years of Aboriginal Australian History"

Text: Blak Soil Productions

*electronic sounds*

Text: presents: 200+ Years of Aboriginal Australian history

*old image of an Aboriginal man*

Text: In 1788 the First Fleet of British Ships arrived at Sydney Cove, New South Wales, and raised the Flag of Great Britain

Text: Since their arrival there have been over 60 massacres officially recorded of Aboriginal People, with entire tribes of Men, Women and Children murdered in cold blood

Text: ...with many more unrecorded massacres, murders, rapes and child abuse totalling in the hundreds of thousands

*old drawings of Aborginal Australians being massacred*

Text: Thousands of Aboriginal Men were incarcerated for the crime of being black

*old images of Aboriginal men in chains around their necks*

Text: Bound together by mysterious and unbreakable forged links

Text: Women and children were left vulnerable, left to survive on their own

*old images of Aboriginal women and children*

Text: to walk alone

Text: Aboriginal massacres, incarceration and slavery continued throughout the entire 19th century, and well into the 20th century

Text: With pride, they would stop to take photos of their conquests

*images of Aboriginal people in chains next to a white man with a gun*

Text: They were taken to concentration camps where many would live out the rest of their lives in chains, until death

Text: Rottnest Island, Perth, Western Australia

*image of two Aboriginal men*

Text: The arrest of Lumbia (left) during the Forrest River Aboriginal massacre in 1926 in the Kimberley region of Western Australia*

Text: Aboriginal men and women became slaves to their white masters

*images of Aboriginal people as slaves

Text: Hundred of thousands of children were ripped from their mother's arms over a 150 year period

*images of many small Aboriginal children in large groups and in schools*

*image of a statue of a mother crying*

Text: A mother weeps for her stolen child

Text: Australia was infested with the slave trade

*images of Aboriginal men working in large groups in various locations*

Text: Chained together to work the land that once cared for them

Text: Industrial slavery was soon to follow

Text: Always in chains, as that which is less than animals

Text: Pride, dignity and the spirit suppressed with hate

*images of Aboriginal people in European clothes*

*sounds of Aboriginal music and singing*

Text: We were the first of this land, now we are the last of its innocence! Our blood is mixed with many who have sought our land, and our shade of skin is varied, but our hearts will always be true. We are a people with no weaknesses other than those we place upon ourselves. We are a people with all the tools, and all the gifts, and all the abilities to do amazing feats. Let those that oppose us, we will drown them in our excellence; let us break them down mentally and extinguish any hope they have of dividing and conquering our hearts and our blood - not with our fists, but with courage of the mind and soul. We have the most valuable of treasures: the knowledge of who we are. The knowledge of who we are has lived through our ancestors and guided them, and was passed down to our grandparents, then to our parents, and then passed on to us via our heart and our spirit. The world has crumbled and been rebuilt many times, and we remain; we have survived; and when the darkness has been washed away from our land by the torrential rains we will still remain. They say that we should not live in past, but they do not understand the difference between living in the past and acknowledging the past. We must acknowledge the past and our ancestors or will not be fulfilling our cultural duties, and disrespecting all those that have come before us. Us Aboriginal people have always passed down the stories and history of the ones that went before us, and we should not be pressured into denying our culture and ancestors by hateful people. I can see how some outside our culture could be hesitant, but for Aboriginal people the spirit world is a way of life. Even for those that haven't grown up in tribal way, the connection to the spirit world is still there; passed down through tens of thousands of years through 'harmony' with the land and connection to each other. To see other Aboriginal people in lands not of my own, it always makes me feel good; feelings of belonging; and happy to know tha tI am amongst people I can relate to, to not even know their names and still talk like 'brothers'. I have witnessed the spirit, the strength, and the light of Aboriginal Unity, and it cannot be stopped' it cannot be broken; and it will succeed! These words are not a call to arms, but an obvious and simple truth that I have felt in my soul my entire life. Don't compromise your Aboriginal Spirit; we must be free on this land, and in our hearts, and in our souls! - Joses Gosper

*old image of an Aboriginal man*

Text: Blak Soil Productions, 2014

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