Framework for Human Services Workers

As a community and disability services worker, you have legal obligations to yourself, your client and their family, the organisation in which you work, and your work colleagues.  In order to meet these obligations, you need to know the laws that relate to your work and ensure that you carry out your duties in accordance with those laws.


“…practitioners (support workers etc.) may try to minimise their interaction with law and legal systems, and may not always see the reality or relevance of that interaction.  However, to deny that reality is naïve – the solution to the …mystique of the legal context of practice is to learn to work with and in that context, not to avoid it.”

Phillip Swain, “In The Shadow of the Law”

This graphic illustrates the components of the legal framework within which the community and disability services Worker operates.

Legal framework for Community services Workers

Figure 2: A legal framework for Human Services Workers

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