Assessment takes place throughout the coaching process in many forms. In the orientation session questioning is often used to assess the coachee’s needs. During coaching sessions, observation can be used to assess the coachee’s progress. Between coaching sessions, the coachee might track their own progress in a personal journal which is a form of self-assessment. To conclude coaching, the coachee might undertake a formal test or demonstrate their skills to provide evidence of their mastery of new skills. Assessment can be as simple as asking the coachee how well they think they are performing.


Assessment results are primarily used to indicate whether or not objectives have been achieved and to measure progress towards goals. Results should also determine the pace and direction of further coaching. Satisfactory results will provide evidence that coaching is on course, whereas unexpected results should trigger a review of the Action Plan. It may be that the coachee has excelled; in this case the plan can be adapted to help them achieve more than was originally anticipated. Alternatively, assessment may have revealed that the coachee is struggling to apply their skills in their day-to-day work and they require additional opportunities to practise with support before new skills can be introduced.

What type of assessment would you recommend in these circumstances?
Activity: What type of assessment would you use?

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