Coaching is driven by communication. It is the coach’s highly developed communication skills that will help the coachee gain maximum benefit from each coaching session. A skilled coach will:

  • be a good listener
  • ask questions to check their own understanding
  • ask questions to check that the coachee has understood
  • know when to be quiet
  • give the coachee opportunities to speak and ask questions
  • be patient and sincere
  • be open and straightforward
  • speak clearly
  • use a level of language appropriate for the listener
  • make clear statements without being overly complicated
  • communicate concepts in a variety of ways to help the coachee understand
  • adopt a pace that suits the coachee
  • use body language appropriate for the situation
  • smile and use positive expressions
  • use humour appropriately
  • admit mistakes
  • be flexible and prepared to change their position
  • not be critical if the coachee doesn’t understand what has been said
  • not confuse the coachee by giving too much information at once.
Last modified: Wednesday, 30 October 2013, 1:51 PM