Critical to the action plan is a set of clearly stated objectives. When preparing objectives the coachee and the coach need to identify precisely what has to be done in order to reach a goal. These specific objectives then provide a focus for both the learning and the coaching.

A specific objective for a coaching session tells the coachee what they are aiming to achieve by the end of that session. A well-constructed objective is a statement consisting of three parts: performance, condition and criteria.


    • What the coachee will be able to do.


    • How they will be able to do it; where they will do it; what equipment they will use or the purpose of the performance.


    • How well the coachee will be able to do the task or any specific requirements that must be met.


Develop your understanding of specific objectives by analysing the examples provided. 
Activity: Parts of objectives

If you were coaching a colleague to perform a task, could you write a suitable specific objective?
Activity: Writing objectives (Word Document 147KB)

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