Learning at work

We learn new tasks in the workplace most effectively when we:

  • have a genuine need to learn
  • can see and hear examples of other people doing it
  • can ask questions and be given explanations
  • have opportunities to practise.

An experienced coach will cater for this by using a range of techniques. They will:

  • ask questions that encourage deeper thought and participation
  • encourage the coachee to ask questions
  • provide explanations that are pitched at the coachee’s current level of understanding
  • use visual aids such as diagrams to support explanations
  • demonstrate procedures correctly and confidently
  • provide the coachee with sufficient time to practise
  • put the learning in context using real-world examples
  • keep discussions and learning focused and on track.

Coaching a colleague at work often involves showing them how to do a task. Complete this proven strategy for effective instruction and incorporate it into your coaching.
Strategic steps

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