The big picture

A person’s vision of the future is often a great motivating force for them. The Where–Now–How approach is simple, yet powerful, and will enable you to help the coachee to discover the vision and plan the journey.

Where do they want to be in the future? Encourage the coachee to describe the image they would like to see of themselves in the future. It is often useful to give them a time frame, e.g. two years from now.

Clarify where the coachee is at present. It is important to establish the current reality for the coachee. This represents a starting point.

What strategies will they use to get there? This sets out the stepping stones that will guide the coachee from the starting point on their journey right through to enacting the vision.

Listen to a demonstration of the Where–Now–How approach. Dan and Shirley are in the middle of a coaching conversation. Shirley is feeling frustrated in her current role at work and Dan uses the Where–Now–How approach to help her move forward.

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Use the Where–Now–How approach today.
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