Would I make an effective coach?

Coaches are as individual as the coachees they help. However, the most effective coaches all possess the same qualities and skills that make them well suited to their role.

Qualities used in effective coaching

Successful coaches are:

  • trustworthy
  • committed
  • enthusiastic
  • compassionate
  • able to empathise with you
  • great listeners
  • organised
  • able to manage their time
  • flexible and adaptable
  • responsive to your feedback
  • focused on goals
  • creative thinkers
  • great communicators
  • supportive
  • genuine
  • insightful.

Think about your own experience and an occasion when someone helped you learn a skill.
Your coach (Word Document 142KB)

Skills used by effective coaches

These are just some of the skills used in coaching:

  • instructing
  • communicating
  • analysing
  • training
  • facilitating
  • directing
  • delegating
  • assisting
  • collaborating
  • guiding
  • motivating
  • nurturing
  • supporting.

You should not underestimate your ability to coach others. This list summarises many of the skills you already use in your daily life. Once you reach a level of competence and become experienced, you use your skills automatically and often take them for granted.

Take a few moments to do a quick inventory of qualities and habits that would make you well suited to coaching.
Do I have what it takes?

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