When is coaching appropriate?

Ideally, coaching should occur when an individual requests coaching for their own development as part of their commitment to lifelong learning and self-improvement.

In reality, coaching often doesn’t occur in a workplace until a problem has been identified. The problem may be identified as a result of:

  • observation of work practices by supervisors or managers
  • customer complaints
  • difficulties in the workplace
  • reports on quality or productivity.

Or the need for coaching may be triggered by change such as:

  • the induction of new staff
  • introduction of new technology
  • introduction of new procedures, systems or services
  • redefined roles or responsibilities
  • new legislation
  • staff changes.

Opportunities to coach arise every day, everywhere. Consider your workplace and the occasions when you could have coached others
Opportunities for coaching

This journal activity looks at times when you may have benefited from coaching in the workplace.
You the coachee (Word Document 143KB)

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