The formal mentoring program that facilitated Nicki and Lisa’s partnership has not received the funding necessary for it to continue. Nicki has taken it upon herself to draft a letter urging the continued support of the program. Her message is simple and she reads it to Lisa for her input.

17 November 2008

Outreach Centre
8 Morella St
Diturie, QLD, 4918


Dear Sir/Madam,

Over the past 18 months I have enjoyed a rewarding mentoring partnership. This partnership was made possible by the CIRAS Mentoring Program. My mentor and I believe the benefits of this program are far reaching and we urge you to continue funding it in the future.

Mentoring contributes to the:

    • increased effectiveness of services
    • cost-effective development of skills and sharing of knowledge
    • recognition of experienced people who feel more valued
    • enhanced communication and understanding within our organisation and with others
    • improved retention of employees and volunteers
    • highly effective support of staff from diverse backgrounds
    • culture of growth and professional development.

When mentoring is conducted successfully, everyone benefits – the mentee, mentor and the organisations we are a part of.




Examine how each stage shapes the interactions we have in a relationship.
Benefits of mentoring

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