One of Nicki’s priorities is to broaden her range of contacts and establish a network which will include colleagues within the organisation and other professionals in their industry. Some of the people she maintains contact with will become her support network for times when work is stressful. Getting to know others in her industry will also expose her to a variety of roles and the different career paths others have pursued.

Hi Nicki,

Did you follow up the contact you made at the workshop? He might be 
able to put you in touch with others who have cases similar to those you 
are currently trying to resolve.



Hi Lisa,

Yes, I emailed him last week but I haven’t had a reply yet.




Building your network of industry contacts is very important. Keeping in 
touch by email is convenient but talking to people is the best way to 
establish communication. Arrange to meet face-to-face if you can, or make 
a phone call.

This week I’d like you to make a point of talking to two professionals you 
come in contact with through work and ask them for their business cards. 
You never know what strategic alliances you will make or what 
opportunities you may discover.


PS. I’ve attached some tips for networking. I found this advice really useful 
when I first started networking.

(Microsoft product screen shot reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation).

Read the attachment on Lisa’s email to Nicki about the value of networking.
Tips for networking

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