If Lisa is going to help Nicki develop her career opportunities, they both need to know what Nicki’s goals are for the future. After much discussion with her mentor and her family, Nicki sits down with her journal to record the goals she will commit to.


                          My Goals

Where do I want to be in three, six, twelve months?

    • Finished Certificate IV in Community Work
    • Working as a Youth Coordinator

Where do I want to be in five years?

    • Working in a leadership position as Service Coordinator,

                        able to improve policy and services.

What aspects of my life do I want to be the same?

    • Ties to my community
    • Family and relationships

What do I want to be different?

    • Finances
    • Hours of work per week
    • Work /life balance

We all benefit from having clearly stated goals. When was the last time you reviewed yours?
Lifelong goals

Are your goals SMART? Use this model to refine your goals.
SMART model

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