As a mentor, Lisa is keen to help Nicki but she is aware her job is really to help Nicki help herself. She takes the time to explain to Nicki that mentoring will differ to other relationships she may have had in the past with teachers, trainers and coaches. Lisa uses the continuum to emphasise the need for Nicki to take responsibility for her own learning and development.

roles and responsibilities diagram

Responsibility for learning and development diagram



The degree of responsibility Nicki must take for her own learning and development will vary, depending on the relationship she has entered into. For example a teacher will be responsible for planning and developing a program of learning and Nicki as a student would be responsible for participating. A trainer would provide Nicki with instruction but as a trainee she would be expected to take greater responsibility for her progress. If Nicki was working with a coach, she would be expected to take even greater responsibility and the coach would help Nicki achieve her potential. However, in the case of mentoring, at the other end of the continuum, Nicki is largely responsible for developing her own program of learning with the guidance of her mentor.

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