Nicki and Lisa know the foundation of any mentoring activity they undertake will be their relationship. In the interests of establishing a successful partnership, they discuss important aspects that will impact upon that relationship from the very beginning.

What aspects impact on the mentor and mentee's relationship?

The mentor and mentee must consider the following areas and ask one another the following questions:

Common ground: What do we have in common?

Contrast: What are our differences?

Cooperation: Can we cooperate?

Control: Can we share control of the process?

Challenge: How do we react to new challenges?

Conflict: How will we handle conflict?

Communication: How will we communicate?

Commitment: What level of commitment can we maintain?

Their discussion has helped Nicki and Lisa arrive at a list of ground rules. Sort the list for them to make a guide they can refer to if a problem arises.
Ground rules

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