The program coordinator has matched Lisa, our new mentor, with her mentee. Lisa wanted to make the most of their first meeting, so she prepared a list of topics for discussion. The meeting was successful and the two learned a great deal about each other. This is an extract from Lisa’s notes.

       Mentor’s notes

   Current position
  1.  Full-time youth worker
  2.  Housing Action Group
  3.  started in an administrative role
  4.  Assumed more responsibility when team was short-staffed
 Job satisfaction
  1. Enjoys coming to work
  2. Frustrated in current role
  3. Needs a new challenge
  4. Likes being part of the team
Work/life balance
  1. Often works offsite
  2. On 24-hour call
  3. Tired and stressed
  4. Feels overloaded
Career plan
  1. No definite career plan
  2. Would like to take more of a leadership role in the community
  3. 5 years in current position
  4. Ready for new responsibilities
  1. Started Certificate IV in Community Work
  2. Study lapsed when baby arrived
  3. Interested in workplace training
  4. Limited time for further study
Personal information
  1. Committed to making a change
  2. Needs to build confidence
  3. Worried about managing time
  4. Discouraged by community attitudes

What questions do you think Lisa asked to get to know her mentoring partner?
Meeting your mentee

Lisa used open questions to encourage Nicki to open up and provide her with detailed responses. To find out more about this technique, read about Questioning in the Workplace, in the Workplace Coaching Module and complete the activities.

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