Negotiation is a process for reaching an agreed outcome between two parties who seem to have opposing outcomes. The negotiation process involves developing rapport and establishing a common ground.

A good technique for negotiation is to work through the following steps:

  1. Allow others to state their case without interruption.
  2. Validate the other person's proposal – 'That's a very good point.'
  3. Give direct feedback, showing sensitivity to their viewpoint – 'I understand why you see it that way.'
  4. Remain flexible, and make suggestions about how the situation could be resolved. 'Would you feel better about it if I ...?'
  5. Express feelings. 'I am concerned that ...'
  6. List all available options – 'Perhaps we could ...'
  7. Find common ground – 'We both want clients to have the best service possible.'
  8. Engage in problem-solving by using open-ended questions and accepting feedback. 'How do you think we could do it differently?'
  9. Get agreement by identifying the highest common intent. 'We can both agree on ...'

Once you have established your common ground, work from there.

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