Summary of course activities

Section 1

Section 1 discussion activities (Word Document 52KB)

Section 1 logbook activities (Word Document 60KB)

Section 1 activities (Word Document 68KB)

Interactive activities

Cultural concepts: Common terms and definitions

Cultural concepts

Section 1 Self check

Section 1 self check

Cultural concepts crossword

Section 2

Discussion activity
Examine workplace practices: Discuss how specific practices in your workplace have changed, or could change, to better support diversity.

Examine workplace practices (Word Document 48KB)

Section 2 reflective journal activities (Word Document 49KB)

Interactive case studies

Interview questions

Cultural needs of client

Cultural needs of co-worker

Consequences of ineffective working interactions: Examine the consequences of ineffective working interactions.

Cultural assumption relating to co-worker

Cultural bias relating to client

Section 2 Self check

Section 2 self check

Section 3

Section 3 activities (Word Document 59KB)

Section 3 logbook activities (Word Document 29KB)

Interactive activities

Selecting appropriate interpreters

Interactive case studies


Communicating with a CALD client

Communicating with a CALD co-worker

Which interpreter?

Section 3 Self check

Section 3 self check

Matching exercise

Section 4

Culturally sensitive print material: Do some research in your work area to find a range of print material for cross-cultural communication. Make notes on whether each item is culturally sensitive and appropriate and any suggestions you have for improving the material.

Section 4 activities (Word Document 41KB)

Section 4 logbook activities (Word Document 41KB)

Section 4 reflective journal activities (Word Document 49KB)

Cross-cultural checklists: Prepare your own checklists and keep a copy of this information for your Logbook. Label the information with the activity name.

Checklist for culturally diverse clients (Word Document 51KB)

Communication checklist (Word Document 52KB)

Interactive activities

Causes of cross-cultural conflict

Interactive case studies

German kept waiting

Day respite care

Section 4 Self check

Section 4 self check

Matching exercise

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