Advantages of a socially diverse environment

The benefits of diversity in the community services sector are enormous.  It can improve the level of teamwork, performance and client service through a broadened base of knowledge and experience.

A culturally diverse workforce is flexible and creative. It exposes clients and co-workers to new ideas, and to different ways of working and reaching decisions.  Learning from co-workers and clients from other backgrounds also broadens your horizons and sharpens your senses to help you communicate effectively. It also expands your knowledge base, making you more efficient and tolerant as an individual.

Being an effective member of a culturally and socially diverse workforce

laid back aussie at the pub with a beer and a snake in the same hand

The community services and disability services industries involve contact with people from all over the world. You come into daily contact with many different people.  They are your clients and co-workers, and you need to recognise and accept their rights to their own beliefs and customs if you are to interact harmoniously with them.

As an example, if a laid-back Australian with a strong sense of fun, who is used to informal behaviour, is working with a strong work ethic, formal Japanese person with a deep sense of honour, there is room for conflict. To avoid this, both workers need to recognise the cultural differences, accept them and make allowances.

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