Modifying work practice

At times work practices may need to be modified to ensure that you can engage with culturally diverse clients or co-workers effectively.

To determine the requirements for culturally appropriate service, you will need to consult with others who have specific knowledge of the cultures that are represented within your workplace and its client base.

A proactive approach to diversity

Recognising and celebrating diversity will help create a more tolerant, flexible and contemporary culture within an organisation. When organisations enhance the visibility and impact culturally diverse groups have on their organisation, everyone can benefit from the skills and experiences these groups can bring to a workplace.

Organisations deal with diversity and discrimination in different ways, and can often learn from other organisations.


A proactive approach to diversity in organisations: Some points on dealing with diversity and discrimination from the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, the University of South Australia, and the Oregon Outreach Project.

Examples of proactive approach to diversity in organisations (Word Document 37KB)

Logbook activity

Diversity programs in the workplace: Identify programs available in your organisation to support diversity.

Section 1 logbook activities (Word Document 60KB)

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