Inventories and lists of supplies

An inventory shows details of all equipment and stores that currently belong to the organisation.  Your organisation may have a number of separate inventories, for example, for different sections or locations, or separate inventories for consumables, office equipment and vehicles.

Most offices keep records of equipment, and consumables such as paper, ink, CD ROMs, bulbs or batteries.  You need to be aware of procedures for dealing with supplies and consumables, such as stationery, toner, blank CDs and batteries, including:

  • Who is responsible for restocking supplies?
  • Is there a register to track supplies used, or are they freely available?
  • Is there a procedure for noting low stock levels?

Lists of supplies can be used to track the use of consumable items, such as stationery and first aid supplies.

There may also be a procedure for using stocks of supplies.  Lists are often attached to the outside of a stock cupboard to enable users to make a note of any items that are removed, so that stock can be monitored and re-ordered.

Other information that you may document in the inventory includes details of where equipment is normally kept, for example, storage room or equipment shed.


Maintaining an inventory

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Documenting use of equipment and supplies

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