Workplace equipment and machines

As a communities and disability services worker you may use a range of office equipment, specialist equipment to support clients with a disability, or technology to support communication in rural and remote areas.

There may be a great variation in the operating procedures and maintenance tasks associated with workplace equipment.

Examples of typical office equipment include:

  • telephone, fax, photocopiers and pagers
  • security systems and intercoms
  • television, video and CD players, cameras
  • computers, printers, scanners and other peripherals.

Your organisation may also have equipment for specific purposes, such as:

  • assistive devices for people with a disability
  • video/audio-conferencing equipment to connect remote sites
  • 4WD vehicles for working in remote areas.

There will be specific operational, maintenance and safety requirements for use of this equipment.  These are often posted near the equipment, or provided in the manufacturer’s instructions, or during workplace training.

Your organisation will also have protocols and procedures regarding who can use the equipment and for what purposes.


Workplace equipment

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