Computerised records

As with paper-based files, computer files need to be organised in a way that will help you and others find them again.

Your workplace computer or network (a group of connected computers) should have an ordered system of folders that represent different sections of the organisation, including work areas, client groups, and special projects.

Most likely you will share a group of files and folders with other workers, although there may be confidential or private folders that require special permission to open.

To be able to perform administrative and record keeping tasks using a computer you need to understand:

  • basic computer functions
  • operation of the system, program or database used to create, store and retrieve electronic documents
  • the protocols and procedures related to creating, storing and accessing documents.

If you are not sure how the system is organised, or need to use a program you have not used before, ask a more experienced user, or ask for training.

Last modified: Monday, 21 October 2013, 12:46 PM