Storing organisational information

Information that has been collected and assessed for relevance to the organisation’s activities is usually stored for future use, or passed on to another person for use within the organisation.  These records must be stored in their correct place directly after using them, so that they can easily be located when needed again.

Records are often stored for many years, so the storage system needs to keep records in good condition, secure and accessible.  Your organisation may have different systems for storing:

  • print documents
  • electronic documents
  • confidential documents
  • archive documents.

Archives are old documents that are kept in long-term storage.  These documents cannot be destroyed, for legal or other reasons, before a specified date.

Much of the stored information should be kept confidential, and your organisation will have developed policies and procedures relating to storing and disclosing of information, based on privacy legislation and regulations.

Last modified: Friday, 18 October 2013, 4:49 PM