Personal documents

Personal documents are any documents that contain information about a specific person, for example, a completed performance appraisal form is a personal document, while an invoice for stores is not.

Other examples of personal documents include:

  • Human resource management documents containing personal information about staff, for example, staff records, payslips, certificates, tax forms, and performance appraisals.
  • Case-related documents that contain personal information about clients, for example, Centrelink forms, medical reports, release of information consent forms, proof of Aboriginality, agency referrals, agency contract agreements, and case notes.
  • Personal documents that need to be sighted for official purposes, for example, birth certificates, driving licences, Blue Cards, Disability Services Positive Notice Cards, visas, and qualifications.

Your organisation will have protocols and procedures in place to maintain a client’s legal right to privacy. All forms that relate to a client should be considered as being of a personal nature.

Last modified: Friday, 18 October 2013, 4:47 PM