Selecting appropriate forms

Your day-to-day duties may require you to complete a range of forms, for example, personal time sheets and leave forms, business forms such as purchasing orders, and case-related forms such as client registration forms, referral forms and client contact records. These forms range in complexity, audience, format and formality.

  • You need to be able to select the appropriate form for your purpose and complete it accurately. The example below shows the forms that you might need to complete a purchasing process. The process and forms used by your organisation may be different.
  • Obtain quotations – complete fax cover sheet and quotation form
  • Order goods – complete a requisition/purchase order
  • Accept goods – sign a delivery sheet
  • Inventory – enter goods into inventory.
  • Select from the list below to see some examples of forms that are relevant to community and disability services workers.


Select and complete forms

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