Coaching is a specific method of supporting, supervising or training others to help develop their skills. Think of a situation where you learnt a skill well in a work setting.

  • How did you learn it?
  • Why was it a successful experience?
  • Did you have a coach or role model to help you?

Your coach or role model may have been a co-worker who helped you learn to use the car logbook, or a manager who supported you in mastering the work operations of your new team. Role modelling is a technique that involves a novice observing a competent person (the role model) performing the role or task in the workplace.

Workers may be called upon to provide coaching in effective communication to others, such as new staff members or volunteers. The coach and coachee agree on a coaching plan that will enable the coachee to achieve their goals.

Coaching model

The coaching processes

Process of coaching for effective communication



Actively listens to determine the need.


Breaks the role down into skills and tasks.  
Observes what novice already knows. Makes initial attempt at task.
Decides what skills are needed to communicate more effectively.  

Demonstrates or describes the task by:

  • questioning, giving advice
  • giving an example
  • talking over the procedure
  • setting a new problem.


Observes/reflects. Applies model/description.
Demonstrates/describes further. Changes approach.

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