You have a right be provided with the opportunity to raise workplace health and safety issues personally or through your workplace health and safety representative or committee.

Consultation is a two-way process, sharing information and seeking advice from others, and considering others' views in reaching decisions. In safety matters, you as the worker may be the expert on the potential hazards in your job.  As a result you may have valid suggestions to minimise the risk of injury or complete the task more efficiently.

Regardless of the formal representation arrangements, every worker has the right and responsibility to participate in consultation on workplace health and safety issues.

Case example

A worker has suffered a serious injury. Investigations into the incident need to be completed and details recorded by the appropriate officials.

The potential hazard had been raised previously with management, but action had not been taken. Possibly for this reason, management seem reluctant to include staff in the investigation, or to accede to staff requests to be involved in the review of practices.

Staff members are aware of their right to consultation, and insisted that they be involved in investigations and review of practices.

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