Supporting WHS processes

All workers are required to support workplace health and safety processes that are in place. Supporting these processes may involve:

  • complying with policies and procedures
  • following written and verbal instructions
  • reporting hazards and incidents
  • taking appropriate measures to reduce risks
  • completing and submitting forms.

Documentation of the WHS management process in your setting will depend on your workplace policies and procedures. It could include:

  • Information on safe work procedures, e.g. manual handling, infection control, and emergency procedures.
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities. It is important that you understand your position, as well as that of others.
  • Records of accidents, incidents and hazards, as well as subsequent control measures taken.
  • Records of activities such as equipment maintenance and safety audits (formal inspections).
  • Training records and induction checklists.

Your participation in discussion of documentation is important. You can ask questions to clarify anything you do not fully understand, and put forward suggestions as a team member.


Supporting the WHS process

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