Continuous improvement

Risk assessment and improvement form a process of constantly evaluating communication and updating of information.  Once your team or management has identified and set controls in place to cover current hazards and risks, these must be reviewed regularly.

The process is ongoing. When new resources are purchased, when new hazards arise, or when there are other changes to the work environment, these must be discussed and dealt with.

A culture of safety would encourage training updates whenever individual workers or teams request it.  All workers would then fully understand their responsibilities.

Ways in which you could contribute to continuous improvement of health and safety practice in the workplace include:

  • reflecting on your own practices and those of others in the workplace in relation to workplace health and safety management
  • considering the special needs of individuals or groups as appropriate
  • encouraging others to behave safely
  • exercising your rights and responsibilities as a worker.

As an employee in a community service industry, you must:

  • follow the instructions you have been given for workplace health and safety, e.g. manual handling, personal safety, and emergencies
  • help to constantly maintain a safe and healthy environment
  • assess hazards and reduce risks in all areas and locations you work in, e.g. homes and community facilities
  • help clients, visitors and others to comply with health and safety standards.
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