Participating in WHS procedures

Managing and controlling risk in the workplace is the ultimate responsibility of management but workers are involved in many ways.

It is your responsibility to participate in workplace health and safety within the scope of your abilities and responsibilities.

Some of the ways in which you may be expected to follow instructions and procedures relating to workplace health and safety include:

  • induction programs
  • training programs
  • hazard and incident reporting
  • equipment maintenance
  • job procedures
  • work instructions
  • waste management
  • security
  • personal protective equipment.

Taking responsibility

Remember that you have a responsibility for health and safety in whatever task you are performing. Make correct work practices a habit:

  • Follow procedures.
  • Do not take shortcuts.
  • Take the same care whether you are working under direct supervision or unobserved.

One example where you must take responsibility for your own health and safety is manual handling. Muscular stress from manual handling is the most common cause of work-related injury in the Health and Community Services industry. (Health and Community Services Industry Action Plan 2004–2007).

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