Notifiable incidents

Under the Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 1997 there are notifiable and non-notifiable incidents.  A notifiable incident is an event of which an employer must by law notify Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, such as a serious injury, death, work-caused illness or dangerous event (e.g. a toxic chemical spill).

Notification and reporting are not the same.

Reporting Any person in the workplace reports an incident to a supervisor, Health and Safety Officer or another designated person.
Notification Employer notifies Workplace Health and Safety Queensland of a notifiable incident within 24 hours.

Notification is the responsibility of the employer and must be done within 24 hours of the event occurring. As a worker, you may be asked to participate in related workplace safety procedures, such as reporting and being involved in the review of non-notifiable incidents.

Notifiable incidents: serious bodily injury, fatality, work-caused illness, dangerous event, dangerous or serious electrical event. There is a legal requirement to notify. Notification is the responsibility of employers. Non-notifiable incidents: those that do not result in serious bodily injury, death or dangerous event. It is important to report and record all incidents including 'near misses'. Reporting is the responsibility of everyone.

Last modified: Wednesday, 13 December 2017, 2:17 PM