Workplace induction

Under the Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 1997, all workers must undergo an induction into their workplace.

It is your right by law to be inducted into your workplace and fully informed of all procedures, instructions or information needed to perform your tasks safely and efficiently.

It is your duty of care to yourself and others to familiarise yourself with the policies and procedures in place in your organisation.

Many workplaces have a formal induction process with a checklist that you sign to indicate you have completed your induction. Small workplaces may be more informal. A health and safety induction for workers and volunteers may include:

  • policies and procedures of the workplace
  • hazards or dangers that may exist in the workplace, e.g. dealing with hostile clients or manual handling lifting hazards
  • WHS reporting mechanisms
  • safety plan and emergency evacuation procedures
  • training to perform their workplace tasks safely
  • ‘buddying’ with an experienced worker.

Regardless of the approach, the induction is an opportunity to ensure that you are given information vital to the safe performance of your tasks.

Last modified: Friday, 18 October 2013, 3:37 PM