Organisational policy

In the workplace legislation, industry standards and codes of practice are translated into policies that are adopted by the management. The policies are further broken down into procedures and work instructions that are followed in the performance of workplace tasks.

Organisational policy an procedure

At the highest level are WHS legislation, codes and standards:

  • the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 and Regulation 1997
  • Industry Codes of Practice
  • Advisory Standards.

These are translated by the organisation into policies and procedures that must be followed by all workers, for example:

  • Safe Evacuation Policy covering the Emergency Evacuation Plan for fire, bomb threat and natural disaster
  • Safe Lifting Policy providing direction on team lifting and use of mechanical lifting devices
  • Staff induction and training in areas related to WHS
  • dangers, reporting, work areas, responsibilities, health and safety, emergencies.

Understanding the reasons behind work instructions, safety procedures and use of safety equipment can often assist people in following the rules. The following chart describes the process of developing organisational policies and procedures to comply with legislation, to maintain a safe workplace and safe work practices.


Workplace policies and procedures

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