Handling general inquiries

All workers within an organisation are bound by the standards and guidelines of the organisation. Among these standards will be those required for responding to inquiries. Consider a checklist like the one below to ensure that you have covered all you need to when responding to inquiries.

  • Am I clear about what specific information is needed?
  • Is that information available in my agency?
  • Does the person making the request have special needs that I must be aware of?
  • Who is the most appropriate person to approach with the request?
  • Have I kept in mind the confidentiality policy?
  • Is the response I am giving in relation to the request clear and relevant?
  • Is additional or supporting information required?
  • Should this be referred to another agency or person?
  • Does my agency have a policy around the release of this information?

Ask the inquirer how you can help. Ask further questions to clarify the nature of the inquiry and provide a response, or direct the enquiry to a more appropriate person.

Provide feedback to the person making the inquiry. For example, restating what you understand the request to be is a sound strategy that could save you time later.

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