To be able to effectively monitor the challenging behaviours of clients, you as a worker need to equip yourself with the following skills:

  • Knowledge of the range and diversity of challenging behaviours that clients may exhibit.
  • Awareness of how you respond personally in confrontational, controversial and conflict situations.
  • Knowledge of some of the early warning signs that may precede the escalation of a client’s challenging behaviour, and the ability to assess those behaviours through formal and informal monitoring methods.
  • Ability to accurately and objectively document the monitoring process.
  • Understanding of your organisation’s policies and procedures regarding risk management for the prevention and control of aggressive or challenging behaviours.
  • Knowledge of some of the methods to diffuse or prevent the escalation of a client’s challenging behaviour or to manage a conflict situation.
  • Specific knowledge of specialist service provision in behaviour management in your geographical area, and the ability to make appropriate referrals for your clients.
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