Specialist advice

The aim of responding to negative behaviour in clients is to support them to function more positively in their lives, reach their goals, and relate to others in a more effective way.

The aim of dealing with aggressive behaviour of clients is first to ensure safety, but it is also to help clients to find appropriate ways of dealing with or defusing their rage.

Sometimes the action taken to respond to negative behaviour of clients is to seek specialist advice and/or make referrals for the client to see a professional over time.

When seeking specialist advice and making referrals, it is essential that workers are aware of the specific services available in their community that might assist clients.

Workers can do this by:

  • Making contact and networking with possible specialists
  • Investigating their locations
  • Finding out how much they charge for their services (if relevant)
  • Finding out how long it will take before the client can gain assistance
  • Finding out the referral process to that service (the client may be able to refer him or herself)
  • Ensuring that confidentiality is maintained and asking the client’s permission in writing to release information
  • Remembering to be objective in the process of reporting a client’s behaviour
  • Documenting everything relevant to the client’s situation.
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