Organisational policies and procedures

The agency you work with should have safety procedures for dealing with workplace conflict and aggression. Diagram 1 below shows a risk management approach for prevention and control of aggression in the workplace developed by the Queensland Department of Industrial Relations.

Step1: identify hazards. Is there a regulation ministerial notice or code of practice about the hazard? If yes, follow the information in the regulation, standard, code or guide. If no, you must choose an appropriate way to manage the risk. Step 2: assess risks. Step 3: decide control measures. Step 4: Implement control methods. Step 5: monitor and review.
Diagram 1: Risk Management (adapted from the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations 1994)

For community workers there is legislation, as well as policies and procedures in place, to ensure that you are in a position to make decisions quickly and effectively when working with clients.

Usually policies and procedures have been developed to give clear guidelines to workers to maintain their own and other people’s safety and security.

Activity 1.3

What sort of information and training is available to you in your agency to assist in the prevention and control of aggression in the workplace? Where can this information be accessed or located (e.g. Internet, pamphlets, filing cabinet, wall)?

Further reading

Aggressive behaviour prevention and management, Department of Industrial Relations, Queensland Government

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