Your role in the development of policies, practices and structures of an organisation

Generally the policies, practices and structures of an organisation are decided at management and board of director levels. However, there may be opportunities for you to contribute to the development of these policies.

Your role may include provision of information, ideas and suggestions relevant to your position in the organisation that may contribute to policies and procedures. 
The following scenario provides an example of a worker contributing to the development of policies and practices.

Activity 4.1: Contribute to organisational improvement

Activity 4.1 (Word Document 47KB)

Dealing with concerns regarding job responsibilities

Concerns relating to job responsibilities should usually be handled in the first instance by your immediate supervisor.  It is important that these issues be dealt with as quickly as possible, particularly where they may impact directly on support to clients and their families.

Activity 4.2: Job responsibilities

Activity 4.2 (Word Document 47KB)

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