Reviewing and developing your work performance

One important aspect of providing a quality service to people is the process of reviewing and modifying your own work performance.  Your performance may be considered from three perspectives:

  • how well you meet the needs and expectations of clients
  • how well you meet the needs and expectations of the organisation
  • how well you comply with the laws and standards that underpin the service you provide.

As a support worker, you are responding to the needs of individuals in need of support.  This requires a broad range of skills, including:

  • flexibility
  • communication skills
  • organisational skills
  • the ability to respond to the changing needs of clients
  • provision of support in a non-judgemental, accepting manner. 

To do this you need to regularly monitor and review your own performance so you can identify your strengths and the areas where you require further development.

Mechanisms for performance review

Look at the sample templates for Staff Performance Appraisal and Professional Development Record (Word Document 29KB)

Review your performance

Apart from reviewing your own performance to ensure that you continue to provide quality support to your clients, you should:

  • regularly discuss your performance with your supervisor or workplace mentor
  • reflect back on difficult situations that occurred during the week.

It is important to meet organisational goals and objectives; however, you also need to ensure that your performance meets Commonwealth and State laws and standards.

Activity 2.1: Working effectively in an organisation

Activity 2.1 (Word Document 40KB)

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