Basic workplace health and safety requirements

All workplaces are subject to Commonwealth and State laws that outline occupational health and safety requirements.  This legislation deals with the potential for risk to any person who works at or enters a particular work site.  This includes employers, employees, clients, volunteers, customers and visitors.
By law, all workplaces are required to develop their own occupational health and safety policy and procedures.  This policy provides details about:

  • how hazards are identified
  • how to deal with these hazards
  • how the risk of injury will be minimised.

Employers are obliged to explain the rights, responsibilities and risks relating to occupational health and safety to all those entering the workplace, including clients, as well as providing a safe working environment for everyone entering the workplace.
In turn, both clients and staff have responsibilities relating to working safely in the workplace.  This means being aware of the organisation’s occupational health and safety procedures and ensuring that the work area is kept well organised and safe.  These procedures may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • procedures for completing incident reports
  • procedures for notifying hazards in the workplace
  • procedures for dealing with critical incidents
  • procedures for providing basic first aid.

Activity 1.7: Workplace health and safety

Activity 1.7 (Word Document 50KB)

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