Developing case/action plans

When a client seeks a service from an agency, it is very important that a case or action plan is developed collaboratively to best meet the needs of the client. You need to take a number of considerations into account to ensure this occurs:

Involve the client in the planning:

  • Actively listen to the client's needs and wants.
  • Identify and discuss any constraints on the client's ability to achieve identified goals, e.g. lack of finances, abilities, prerequisites, family responsibilities.
  • Check that the client has understood the plan as it applies to them.
  • Encourage questions and provide further feedback.

Provide a range of options:

  • Offer activities and options which are appropriate and of interest to the client.
  • Work on small steps that don't set the person up for failure.

Provide clear direction:

  • Clearly state (both verbally and in written form, if appropriate) the exact steps required by the client and by the support worker.
  • Ensure that the client has the information required to take action on their own.

Provide resources to ensure the client can take the required action:

  • practical resources (e.g. telephone card, transport, cash.)
  • worker support
  • contacts/networks.

Aim for the client to leave the interview with a clear understanding, feeling comfortable about the planning opportunity and about asking further questions at any time.

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